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Come Walk with Us...Join our upcoming Walking Meditation!

Why...because this practice is one of the most useful and effective ways of attending to our over stressed bodies! It is a SIMPLE and UNIVERSAL practice for developing:


We invite you to experience this "RE-Set" with us because this practice is great for BRINGING CLARITY by clearing feelings of stagnancy that could be weighing you down and releasing sluggishness which clouds not only judgement but can suffocate CREATIVE INSPIRATION. Mindful walking is also a great way to boost blood circulation and raise your energy levels.

Did you know that a "Walking Meditation" has its origins in Buddhism and is also known as KINHIN. This technique has many benefits and helps you to feel more grounded and balanced. It requires you to self reflect and develop a different awareness of your surroundings...your body and your thoughts. Why...because the components of each step are the important part.

A "Walking Meditation" involves very deliberating thinking about actions that you would normally do automatically. It requires you to break down your steps in your mind and asks that you focus on these four basic components of each step:

  • the lifting of one foot

  • the moving of the foot a bit forward of where you’re standing

  • the placing of the foot on the floor, heel first

  • the shifting of the weight of the body onto the forward leg as the back heel lifts, while the toes of that foot remain touching the floor or the ground

Then the cycle continues, as you:

  • lift your back foot totally off the ground

  • observe the back foot as it swings forward and lowers

  • observe the back foot as it makes contact with the ground, heel first

  • feel the weight shift onto that foot as the body moves forward.

This technique is great for EXPANDING MINDFULNESS and "forces" you to slow down and REALLY get to know your body...inside and out. You not only connect with nature but this practice encourages only the PRESENT MOMENT to be in focus.

Walking meditation has been proven to:

  • lowers stress & blood pressure levels

  • reduce anxiety

  • improve sleep

  • increased focus and concentration skills

We believe it is a great edition to any mindfulness plan or program...and Mindfulness increases the more you practice it!

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