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Equine Experiential Mindfulness & Herd Integration Learning

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Journey with us and learn about overcoming the 2 biggest forces at play in our modern guessed it...FEAR & SELF DOUBT!

Connecting with our horses can help open a doorway to personal change. You will be working with the INTUITIVE and EMPATHETIC nature of our horses in a controlled, monitored & SAFE ENVIRONMENT, suitable for even the most novice or fearful person.

To communicate effectively with these magnificent creatures, we are forced to QUIET the logical left brain and AWAKEN the sensory right brain and in the process discover...

The meaning of Being Present

Emotional Agility

Social Intelligence

Enhanced Communication

Conflict Resolution

Confidence & Self Worth

Healthy Boundaries

Leadership Presence

Renewal & Clarity


Horses are POWERFUL prey animals with INTUITIVE and SENSORY capabilities that have evolved to keep them alive. They live in a state of HEIGHTENED but RELAXED AWARENESS. Humans, as predators, have a strong cultural preference for logical, rational thinking; we often escape into our heads, particularly the left hemisphere, which governs language, logic, and reason.

Horses communicate in ENERGY not LANGUAGE...making what you say, irrelevant. All that matters is what you feel…your energy…your presence.

Horses are the perfect example of Non Predatory Power and while working with our horses, we always apply the premise of CON SU PERMISO which translates to “With Your Permission”. This mutual respect between human & horse forces us to reflect and consider the concept of “Power WITH” vs “Power OVER”.

Come meet our horses and discover an opportunity for powerful personal growth that focuses on self-development and deep profound transformation.

All work is done through groundwork. There is no riding or mounted work involved and no prior horse experience required.